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And 99 Lessons Covering The Full Six Sigma D.M.A.I.C. Methodology. Each Module Is Professionally Narrated With Matching Ten-Question Interactive Quizzes
  •  Six Sigma Overview ($99.95 Value )
  •  Fundamentals of Six Sigma ($99.95 Value) 
  •  Lean Six Sigma Projects ($99.95 Value ) 
  •  Lean Fundamentals (99.95 Value)
  •  Process Definition ($99.95 Value )
  •  Six Sigma Statistics ($109.95 Value)
  •  MSA ($109.95 Value) 
  •  Process Capability ($109.95 Value)
  •  Patterns of Variation ($109.95 Value)
  •  Inferential Statistics ($99.95 Value)
  •  Hypothesis Testing ($119.95 Value)
  •  Hypothesis Tests Normal ($129.95 Value) 
  •   Hyp. Tests Non-Normal ($129.95 Value)
  •  Design of Experiments ($109.95 Value)
  •  Full Factorial DOE ($129.95 Value)
  •  Fractional Factorial DOE ($129.95 Value)
  •  Simple Linear Regression ($109.95 Value)
  •  Multiple Reg. Analysis ($109.95 Value)
  •  Statistical Process Control ($129.95 Value)
  •  Lean Controls ($99.95 Value)
  •  Six Sigma Control Plans ($99.95 Value)
  •  Black Belt Certification Exam ($495 Value)
Extended Lessons I
Refine Your Core Analytical Capabilities with Michael's Extended Lessons I
Lean Sigma Corporation offers this ebook package to help you refine your core and ten most often used analytical tools. All lessons include scenario based extensions with new data sets, and videos by Michael Parker, sharing the solution and his result interpretations.
  •  Pareto Analysis
  •  Rolled Throughput Yield
  •  Normality Testing
  •  Graphical Summary
  •  Box Plots
  •  Histograms
  •  Scatter Plots
  •  Run Charts
  •  Correlation Analysis
  •  I-MR Control Charts
$197 Value
Extended Lessons II
Push Your Analytical Capabilities Further
This second volume of Michael's "Extended Lessons" eBook will drive your analytical capabilities to the next level with ten more lessons extended by adding new scenario based exercises, data sets and Michael's solution/interpretation videos
  •  Variable Gage R&R
  •  Attribute Gage R&R
  •  Capability Analysis
  •  Sample Size
  •  Confidence Intervals
  •  One-Sample t Test
  •  Test of Equal Variances
  •  Two-Sample t Test
  •  Mann-Whitney Test
  •  Simple Linear Regression
  •  XbarR Chart
$197 Value
Extended Lessons III
A Dozen More Analytical Lessons Extended With New Exercises and Data
This third volume of Michael's "Extended Lessons" eBook gives you twelve more analytical lessons extended with new situational exercises, new data sets and Michael's solution/interpretation videos
  •  Pareto Analysis
  •  Rolled Throughput Yield
  •  Normality Testing
  •  Graphical Summary
  •  Box Plots
  •  Histograms
  •  Scatter Plots
  •  Run Charts
  •  Correlation Analysis
  •  I-MR Control Charts
$197 Value
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.. Christopher Carano
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Your Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification will be recognized industry wide! Earning your certification from the Lean Sigma Corporation means you have successfully demonstrated mastery of the Lean Six Sigma body of knowledge consistent with all industry recognized certification providers. Our content and body of knowledge is aligned to ASQ, IASSC and most importantly, accredited by the Council for Six Sigma Certification.
105 PDUs (Professional Development Units)
Lean Sigma Corporation is an approved Registered Education Provider (REP # 4347) of the Project Management Institute, Inc.(PMI®). Taking and completing your Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course through Lean Sigma Corporation will give you 105 PDU's that will be recognized by PMI. Upon completion of all certification requirements you will receive a certification letter that will include all necessary information to submit to PMI for your PDU's.
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